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IP Due Diligence Matters

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    IP Valuation

    IP Valuation being done by going through the concerned technology/patent and the level of protection they have received through its patent. To do this, we conduct a comprehensive technical, commercial and economic assessment to evaluate the monetary worth of the patent. To perform IP valuation, we have developed proprietary patent valuation models that are based on accurate parameters including the discount and growth rates, useful economic life, royalty rates and profitability, thereby removing much of the subjectivity involved in the project.

    Patent Proofreading

    Patent Proofreading is one of the important steps in determining a patent quality. Patent is capable of being enforced as granted. Proofreading helps in identifying errors which can affect the patent’s enforceability. We use both manual and electronic proofreading processes that help in finding errors efficaciously. All we need is the patent number for performing Patent Proofreading. Our group of proofreaders has techno-legal professionals who perform proof reading based on jurisdiction specific to the patent.

    Landscape/Whitespace Analysis

    Landscape analysis is used to find all the relevant technology under one place, all relevant patents are found using broad search strategies and categorized in a Hierarchical way. The relevant patents are presented in an interactive database with a user-friendly search interface. The patent landscape analysis, including patent trend, technology evolution, white space analysis, patent citation analysis, Top assignees, etc., is presented through easy to interpret graphs and colorful charts. We have special software tools to do this in a quick round time.

    Portfolio Analysis

    Portfolio Analysis carried out to catalog or to classify the patents of a company either in a spreadsheet or database form. Patents are analyzed in detail to identify the claimed, double claimed and not-yet claimed subject matters along with a thorough analysis of the complete patent families, and legal status/prosecution history. This analysis is usually performed by corporate who is in need to always have an eye on the competitors’ activities. We on behalf of the clients regularly watch and analyze the competitors’ patents portfolios.

    E-Discovery (electronic discovery)

    Review, extraction, coding, summarization & organization of electronic files and emails of clients in response to discovery request. We perform these functions with regard to the response of a client once given access to the necessary files. Further, we maintain high standards of keeping confidentiality in managing data and communicating the information between us and clients’.
    We rely upon following paid and free databases for our searches. Although, we have our own standard formats for each search reports, we also cater services using specific formats according to clients’ preferences.