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Patent Application Preparation

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    Patentability Search or Novelty search

    Patentability/Novelty Search is performed to evaluate the patentability or the novelty of a particular invention with respect to the patents, products and other research work that already exist in the state of the art. The search is important for inventors or corporate willing to protect their inventions. This search is usually done before the filing and drafting of the Patent application. Our team of experienced searchers not only provides listing of the searched prior arts to define the degree of patentability of the invention but also provides technical analysis corresponding to the prior arts with respect to the client’s invention in hand. Such technical analysis provides a techno-legal comparison between existing art and the invention. Further based on the technical analysis, our team provides opinion about patentability of the invention based on clients’ requirements. Additionally, based on the clients’ requirements, valuable technical suggestions can also be provided considering legal aspect, existing art and other market scenario to enable the inventors to modify the invention disclosure to a certain extent in order to take the invention to the level of patentability.

    Patent Application Drafting (Jurisdiction Based)

    Patents are legal shields that protect inventions and businesses corresponding thereto. Accurate patent application drafting skills decide a valid and enforceable patent for a particular country. Further, validity and enforceability of a drafted patent application may be determined at the time of examining the patent application by a particular patent office corresponding to the particular country. A well drafted patent application depicts blended set of Technical and Legal information that may be provided by our team having Techno-Legal expertise. MR Technollect Solutions includes= such techno-legal professionals to deliver a well drafted patent applications based on specific jurisdiction that suits to specific requirements of corresponding patent office. Such jurisdiction based drafting enables the patent application to move through various stages of patent life cycle with less time and money consumption and with greater chances of easy and effective enforcement of corresponding patent.

    Claims Management

    Claims Management includes claims drafting at the phase of patent application drafting and claims amendment at various stages of patent life cycle. Claims define the scope of the invention, thus well drafted claims are required for the smooth moving of the patent applications through all other phases of patent life cycle.

    Patent Illustrations

    Patent specifications are understood more clearly in light of drawings. Further, the best mode of the specification is required to be illustrated by drawings. Also, in most of the cases if the embodiments of the inventions are hard to be disclosed through textual description then the corresponding patent specification considered to be completed by inclusion of one or more drawings. Most of the patent law systems corresponding to various jurisdictions define the requirements regarding patent drawings. Our illustrations team is grouped specifically for preparing fine drawings by understanding the crux of the invention. Specifically, our illustrations team utilizes CAD software and other drawing software tools to prepare required drawings.

    Patent Application Filing

    The Patent system of India is mainly governed by the Patents act, 1970 and has been effective since 20th April 1972. The patent office has been established to administer different provisions of the patent filing and law relating to grants of patents and registration of industrial designs and trademark. We file all the types of Intellectual property applications including convention applications, Paris convention applications and PCT applications.