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Patent Search, Mapping & Analytics

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    Patentability Search or Novelty search

    Patentability/Novelty Search is performed to evaluate the patentability or the novelty of a particular invention with respect to the patents, products and other research work that already exist in the state of the art. The search is important for inventors or corporate willing to protect their inventions. This search is usually done before the filing and drafting of the Patent application. Our team of experienced searchers not only provides listing of the searched prior arts to define the degree of patentability of the invention but also provides technical analysis corresponding to the prior arts with respect to the client’s invention in hand. Such technical analysis provides a techno-legal comparison between existing art and the invention. Further based on the technical analysis, our team provides opinion about patentability of the invention based on clients’ requirements. Additionally, based on the clients’ requirements, valuable technical suggestions can also be provided considering legal aspect, existing art and other market scenario to enable the inventors to modify the invention disclosure to a certain extent in order to take the invention to the level of patentability.

    Validity search

    Validity search is used for many reasons. Primarily it helps litigation lawyers to invalidate the claims corresponding to opponents’ patents, during the infringement proceedings in the court. Other uses of this search include finding the strength of the patent and to assess its value for commercialization, or to buy the patents from other corporate bodies or Merger & Acquisition deals. Usually, this search is accompanied by claim mapping of the patent with the prior arts that are found to invalidate the claims, element by element. MR Technollect has a team of experienced professionals those are dedicated for preparing claims map/claims chart corresponding to various searches, and other individual services based upon clients’ requirements.

    State of the art Search

    We also do analyze Technology search of existing art in a particular domain and it is conducted to identify the status of current developments in the technology. Details of the invention and major players involved in the relevant field are identified and visualized using different software tools.

    Infringement Search

    A search conducted for the purpose of determining if a given product or process is infringing upon any in-force patent claims.

    Freedom to operate search

    Before exploiting any product or process commercially in a country, it is necessary to know if the claims of any existing valid patent(s) in that country. Freedom to operate searches is a way to predict any prospective risk in manufacturing, selling, or any kind of usage of product/process if any valid existing patent claims for the product/process. Thus, it is a secure way to follow before starting and running the business in manufacturing and exploiting various products and processes. We perform freedom to use/operate for a particular invention/product with respect to the patents that already exist in the field of the invention/product.

    Claim Mapping

    We provide Claim Mapping services which is most required in any type of research work, and generally considered as expensive task in terms of time and cost. Our team of expert litigation lawyers compares and evaluates each claim element to its nearest prior arts. By using claim mapping, litigation lawyers identify and take key decisions based on the claim charts. Claim mapping can be used to map either product with claimed elements in a Patent infringement search or claim element to a prior art citation as in a validity search analysis.