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Patent Prosecution

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    Patent Prosecution Support

    The prosecution support provides special aid to attorneys for drafting response to office action. Such special aid may include providing various types of assistance to the attorneys to reduce the complexity level in drafting the response to office action and thus saves a significant amount of time that may otherwise be required to spend in drafting response to the office action. Also, the patent prosecution support further includes providing bibliographic information and other required details for drafting a suitable response for the office action.

    Response to Office Action/First Examination Report:

    During prosecution stage, a patent office may generate subsequent office actions explaining rejections in accepting the patent application as a valid/enforceable patent. The rejections in office actions may be provided by the patent office if the patent application does not meet the required criteria of patenting the invention. Our team utilizes their techno-legal skills to rebut the rejections raised in the office action by understanding the stance of examiners behind raising the rejections. Further, we quote suitable case laws corresponding to particular jurisdiction to support our responses.