About MRTechnollect

MRTech.logoMR Technollect provides mainly IP services to our worldwide clients. Such services correspond to various domains of IP such as Patents, Trademark, Copyright based on each jurisdiction (Country specific) around the globe. We maintain standards of keeping confidentiality while handling our clients’ work and delivering services to our clients as we believe in serving good to ourselves by delivering quality and timely services to our clients.

Please Contact us Now for :
1. Patent Application Drafting
2. Claims Management
3. Patent Illustrations
4. Patent Prosecution Support
5. Patent Litigation Support
6. IP Valuation
7. Patent Proofreading
8. Landscape/Whitespace Analysis
9. Portfolio Analysis
10. E-Discovery (electronic discovery) and
other IP matters

Visit our website www.MRTechnollect.com for further details/queries.

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